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Loyalty Reward Program – Hotforex

Loyalty Program

Link – Loyalty Reward Program

There are 4 different reward levels The more active trading days you accumulate, the more HotForex Bars you’ll earn for each round-turn lot you trade.

HotForex Red Card

HotForex Red

Qualify by registering for HotForex Trading Rewards!

Earn 6 HotForex Bars/ Lot

HotForex red card reward

HotForex Silver Card

HotForex Silver

Qualify when you have accumulated 31 Active Trading Days!

Earn 8 HotForex Bars/ Lot

HotForex silver card reward

HotForex Gold Card

HotForex Gold

Qualify when you have accumulated 62 Active Trading Days!

Earn 10 HotForex Bars/ Lot

HotForex gold card reward

HotForex Platinum Card

HotForex Platinum

Qualify when you have accumulated 105 Active Trading Days!

Earn 12 HotForex Bars/ Lot

HotForex platinum card reward

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